About Natural Plasters

Why Use Natural Plasters

• In our increasingly sealed homes indoor air quality is important, and there’s a growing body of evidence that the chemicals we surround ourselves with can cause harm in relatively low concentrations. Natural plasters are free of these environmental toxins.

• They are beautiful. There is evidence that human happiness is linked with our connections to the natural world, and natural plasters likely contribute to human well-being by introducing natural products, forms and textures into homes.

• Natural plasters can help regulate temperature and humidity in homes, improving comfort and reducing the need for air conditioning and heating.

• Natural plasters connect us to our heritage, and have a track record going back thousands of years. We know that they work, and how they interact with other natural building materials, including wood.

• Natural plasters have greater flexibility and vapour permeability than most synthetic materials. They tend to protect the materials they are bonded to from moisture damage. They are essential as a coating for many forms of natural building, and can be beneficial for many forms of conventional construction.

• Natural plasters typically have a low embodied energy – the energy it takes to mine, process, and transport them. They may be locally available, contributing to local economies and reducing their ecological impact.

About Mike Henry

I’ve been working with a variety of plasters for over a decade. I work with Camel’s Back Construction, Straworks, and independently, on straw bale homes and decorative plaster work. I work in the Peterborough area, but I will consider travelling for interesting projects in southern Ontario, particularly in the Toronto / GTA and Ottawa areas, and points in between.

I am skilled in a variety of earth and lime plasters, including tadelakt and earth floors, and I am an approved American Clay applicator.

I apply base and finish coat plasters on natural buildings. The ideal plasters for straw bale houses are lime-stabilized earth, with a lime finish on the exterior; and earth or lime plaster on the interior. Contact me for a quote or consultation, I am particularly interested in working alongside DIY homeowners.

I blog about sustainable building and natural plasters at http://thesustainablehome.net/



Peterborough 705-750-7227

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